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Qlik Sense dashboards enabled fact based decisions at ASICS


Using intelligent sports technology, ASICS produces and supplies high-quality footwear, sportswear and accessories for an active lifestyle. As a multinational – originally from Japan – ASICS Europe works with a large number of data streams. We’ve helped ASICS to efficiently structure all this valuable data by optimising clear Qlik Sense dashboards. Thanks to this solution, employees don’t have to waste hours finding the data they are looking for.

”Qlik Sense has empowered our organization into making data driven decisions. By implementing with the Climber team actionable insights fit for each department, we have succeeded in developing the level data literacy while gaining efficiency. ”

Elodie Riboust – Manager Reporting and Analytics

The start of a valuable collaboration

At the beginning of our collaboration, ASICS was uniting all European countries and locations. This was a laborious process due to all the different systems used by the branches. In addition to structuring all these systems and data, the company also needed to harmonise the purchasing and sales conditions of customers in  each European country.

To help achieve this, Climber developed a custom dashboard to implement ASICS’ new European policy. With a focus on monitoring and assessing the European Trade Terms, the application focuses on the turnover and margins of customers from the various markets.

The Qlik Sense dashboard combines data from all locations and provides users with insight into sales results. Clear structures and visualisations ensure that ASICS employees quickly find answers and can properly determine where the focus should be.

“The Climber team is very knowledgeable in Qlik Sense and easy to work with. They are open, and always looking for the best solution. Together we work on getting the most value out of our data. ”

Daan Naber – Senior Reporting & Analytics Specialist

Create efficiency and overview

A year later, we began to work with  the retail side of ASICS Europe. On the shop floor, little was known about sales efficiency and insight into margins, sales and optimising promotions was lacking. Instead of making choices based on validated data, store employees and managers acted on a ‘hunch’ and ad-hoc datasets.

To provide staff with the necessary insight to inform their decisions, Climber developed Qlik Sense dashboards based on uniform data. In order to maintain an overview of a large collection of data, we, together with ASICS, ensured a clear structure in all sources and information. This allows all employees – from shop floor to head office – to make their strategies and choices based on facts.

Growing further together

Today, ASICS Europe can address challenges with data-driven solutions. The dashboards developed by Climber five years ago were used by 30 ASICS employees, this number has now risen to over 450.We continue to work closely with ASICS as a sparring and implementation partner to help it maintain continuous growth and satisfaction. As part of our continuous improvement process, we continue to optimise the existing dashboards to achieve the smoothest and best possible user experience.

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