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Shifting the retail landscape into the 3rd generation of analytics

Sign up for our 45 min webinar on November 12 with Jeremy Sim, Qlik’s Global Director of Industry Solutions – Retail, on how to be responsive to the changing demands of the consumer. 

Did you know that over 8,000 brand chain stores closed in 2017 in the US alone? In the UK, 2,000 stores closed during the same period. At the same time, mobile sales accounted for 45% of total digital sales. The landscape of retail is going through a game changing transformation, and the consumers are more connected and informed than ever. How can you tackle their evolving habits and changing demands?

Welcome to our 45 min webinar November 12 at 10 AM CEST where Qlik’s Jeremy Sim, will explain how to deal with these challenges. He will go over the three major retail shifts and how you can use analytics to address them.

We will cover how to:

  • Harness the power of visual analytics and Qlik’s associative engine to understand customer behavior.
  • Enable visibility of metrics across the organisation to support a more agile supply chain.
  • Empower the store employee by bringing BI and analytic capabilities into the stores.
  • Find out how other leading retailers are navigating these trends, using emerging technologies to increase data literacy in their workforces, and leverage insights to improve outcomes.


We’ll end with an extensive Q&A where you’ll be able to ask live questions.

Please note that the webinar is held in English.

Questions? Contact us!

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BI Manager - Climber Benelux
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Marketing Manager
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Datan jalostamo: datatragediasta datastrategiaan -webinaari

Datan jalostamo: datatragediasta datastrategiaan -webinaari

Dataa on verrattu kyllästymiseen asti öljyyn. Kuten öljynkin kanssa, datan jalostaminen raaka-aineesta on moniportainen prosessi ja lopputuotteitakin on lukuisia. Käymme webinaarissa läpi yksinkertaiset vaiheet, joilla datatragedia muutetaan datastrategiaksi. Järjestämme on-demand webinaari!

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