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– April 2024 Updates –


Welcome to the next edition of the ‘What’s New in Qlik Cloud’ blog for April 2024. This month you will find out about new releases in Qlik Cloud Data Integration for the Data Movement Gateway, new SaaS application connectors, and a new data connection interface. In the analytics world, you will find enhancements to reporting, app styling, and administration.

Authors: Roger Gray, BI Manager, & Mark James, Data Integration Consultant, at Climber.

Data Analytics

In this month’s Data Analytics enhancements, you will see how Qlik Cloud continues to push the boundaries of data analytics and management.

1. Tabular Reporting in Managed Spaces

Qlik is closing the remaining gaps between NPrinting functionality and Qlik Cloud reporting. Tabular reporting tasks receive a significant upgrade with support for development and configuration, against Qlik Cloud applications published in managed spaces. This enhancement enables seamless integration with managed spaces, allowing for app/space-specific configurations and distribution list updates.

2. Sheet Navigation Buttons Moved

A user-centric enhancement, sheet navigation buttons are relocated to the selection bar when hiding the sheet title. This subtle yet impactful change ensures seamless navigation within sheets, optimising user experience and productivity.

3. New Direct Access Gateway Version (version 1.6.4)

A range of enhancements to improve support and maintenance of connections through the Direct Access Gateway, including:

  1. Session continuity is improved to prevent reload session expiration
  2. Support for viewing and downloading log files from the Management Console
  3. Improved admin support through the silent installation of a Direct Access Gateway

4. OAuth Impersonation Tokens

This is a move towards enhanced security and user management, such as when embedding Qlik objects into web applications. OAuth impersonation tokens are useful in web applications where you want to access resources and content from a Qlik Cloud tenant, however the tenant uses a different identity provider than your web application. Impersonation tokens mitigate content blocking by replacing third-party cookies in modern browsers with OAuth tokens to maintain state.

5. Refresh and Change AutoML Dataset Experiment

AutoML now enables users to change or refresh a dataset used for an experiment version from the catalogue. This is helpful when evidence of drift is identified during model verification, allowing for changes in the feature list between versions and for updated rows to be used in the training dataset.


Data Integration

This month’s new enhancements focus on a new data connection interface, another new Data Movement Gateway with newly supported operating systems, and new commands for its general use (e.g. stop, start, and general Gateway status check). Details on this and other improvements can be found below.

1. Additional SaaS Application Connectors

During this month we have seen support for the following SaaS applications within Qlik Cloud Data Integration:

  • ADP
  • Enverus OpenInvoice
  • Google AdMob
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Business Profile
  • Google Play
  • Google Workspace
  • Infor Data Lake
  • PagerDuty
  • SAP Employee Central Payroll
  • RingCentral
  • TikTok
  • UKG Pro Workforce Management (formerly Dimensions)

These connectors will allow users to collect data from more business areas like finance, advertising, and Human Resources. With more and more SaaS applications being supported natively, the need for development of custom connectors is being reduced. This in turn increases the productivity of the Data Engineering teams and speeds up the time for a Data Analyst to gain valuable data insights.

2. Improved Data Connection Interface

Qlik Cloud Data Integration now has one consolidated platform for the data connection interface where existing Sources and Targets are accessible. This interface also provides the capability to filter a connection by type or name, and of course the ability to create a new connection entirely.

3. New Data Gateway Version Release Notification

Administrators of the Qlik Data Integration platform, with a focus on Data Gateway management now have the capability to be informed by the platform when a new Gateway version is released and available for upgrade and install. This is important for the administrators to ensure that the gateway version is up to date with the latest fixes and support releases. Notifications can be found in the Qlik Cloud Management Console under Profile Settings > Notifications > Data Gateways.

4. Qlik Data Integration Platform General Enhancements

  1. Qlik Data Movement Gateway
    • The Data Movement Gateway, from version 2023.11.4 or later, now supports installation on Red Hat 9.x
    • Changes to the commands used to start, stop, and check the status of a running Gateway service
  2. New Supported Data Source Versions
    • Azure Database for MySQL
    • MariaDB 10.4
  3. New Supported Data Target Versions
    • Azure Database for MySQL
    • Databricks: Databricks 13.3 LTS and Serverless SQL Warehouse
  4. Newly Supported SAP HANA Driver Version
    • Customers with an SAP HANA source who want to have the Data Movement Gateway on Redhat Linux 9.x must install the SAP HANA ODBC 64-bit driver version 2.0.19 or later
  5. End of Support Database Versions
    • Support for Oracle 11.x and SAP HANA 1.0 has been discontinued


In conclusion, Qlik’s recent updates and features demonstrate their commitment to improving data management and analysis capabilities. Whether you are focused on data integration, error handling, or analytics, these enhancements offer valuable tools and capabilities to help you make the most of your data. Stay tuned for further updates and innovations from Qlik as they continue to shape the data analytics and integration landscape.


Janne Timonen

BI Manager
+358 40 773 0793

Mika Ahtinen

BI Manager
+358 40 715 4079

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